10 Important Topics on Life Insurance

In our country, life insurance has been low for a long time. The demand for life insurance is now increasing in Bangladesh. Today’s article will discuss the 10 important life insurance issues.

1. Policy Submission or Revocation: Policy surrender or revocation before the policy expires, the policy is to be submitted or terminated for the next period of policy. Usually, no return price or loss is received when the policy is rejected within two years. If two years have passed, you may get some compensation at any time if you submit the policy. The loss is less than the total deposit premium. The return price depends on the cash value. The list of year-on-year cash value of some companies is mentioned in the policy document. Partial rejection cannot be done.

2. Bonus for non-claim: A portion of the insurance account is paid as bonus for not claiming in some insurance policies or for not claiming insurance time. Which is known as The Gong Ikhaug Ingh-a-H. The company never pays bonuses in cash or checks, but adjusts the form as a premium for policy renewal.

3. Individuals selected in insurance policy: Those who are enrolled in the life insurance policy will be considered heirs and will receive all the insurance money. No one else will share or share the money that is available.

4. Premium Mouq: Permanent Physical Disability Premium Waiver Benefit due to Insurance Planetary Accident and Illness. In this case, the policy is in place until the death of the insurance borrower or the policy is over. If the policy has premium deductions.

5. Disability: Death is called death in a career that is completely and permanently unable to manage your career due to an accident or illness of an insurance borrower. Death in the profession is a permanent disability. In addition, the disability may be partial, temporary or complete.

6. The policy is fully established: policy laps become a term when you do not pay the policy premium at the same time. On the eve of the re-introduction of the policy, the policy is re-introduced based on the insurance interests, including evidence of acceptance of the policy. The policy is focused on the time required to restore the policy.

7. Insurance-eligible interests: Insurance-eligible interests are governed by the law in life insurance policy. Which is limited to certain persons. If insurance interests are protected, financial benefits and losses are to be suffered.

8. Policy Loan: Policy Loans are provided based on the value of the loan (the value of the loan). The current value of the policy is the surrender price the company lends up to 90% of the surrender price.

9. Premium: The amount of money that the insurance customer is able to pay on a monthly/yearly basis is called premium against the insurance contract with the company.

10. Premium for additional risk: In cases where the risk is overdue and the death rate is higher than the normal rate, the premium rate is charged. For example, there are additional risks for diabetic patients, people with smoking, people working in elevators or in a conical and other dangerous professions.

Updated: March 17, 2020 — 9:32 am

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