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PUBG Mobile Season 11: Release date, Maps, TDM, Trailer, Teaser, weapons, vehicles, skins, rewards, DLC, Royale Pass, leaks, news & everything in 2020!

PUBG Mobile Season 11 is only a couple of days away, and players are thinking about whether there will be any progressions to the guide. The 4 principle maps – Erangal, Miramar, Sanhok and Vikendi – every ha its own size, format, and playstyle. Notwithstanding the refreshed huge open-world maps, PUBG Mobile has a lot […]

TOP 10 Rarest PUBG Skins List (Sets, Clothes and More)

  PlayerUnknown’s Battlegrounds shows a serious repulsive circumstance, when 100 individuals fly to a desert island to… slaughter one another. Just one will endure and will be named the victor of this round. At that point, more adjusts will occur, and it’s pleasant to such an extent that this happens just in the gaming virtuality. […]