Insurance Agreement Objectives and Requirements

Insurance is insurance. And POLICY is called insurance contract. The purpose of the Life Insurance Agreement is to make a contract (insurance companies and insurers) within a specified period of time, rather than accepting a certain amount of money as per the terms of the agreement, in case of sudden or unexpected occurrence of the term. Committed to risk ingout in the amount of money that is provided or compensated. He is a financial protection or protection insurance.

A pre-prepared plan to protect against uncertainty or accident or to protect against the threat of loss of life. For example, it can be said that every family member can earn as long as they are able to live or earn, including their wives, sons, daughters, and parents who are not able to afford to spend all their money, including education, medical, clothing and even housing. Other family members do not feel financially hurt until they lose power.

At any time, people can die. In this case, the family’s earning person suddenly dies and comes down to the family in darkness. The wheels of earning are closed. The distance is created between brothers and sisters, friends and relatives. There is uncertainty. Not only that, but people are facing various risks in their lifetimes. Meanwhile, the risk of human-made disasters or natural disasters is significant. Human beings include theft, robbery, robbery, rahajani, and fire etc. Natural disasters include epidemics, floods, droughts, floods, thunder and earthquakes, etc. There are also risks and uncertainties in the lives of people such as the risk of natural death, accidental death, organ loss. Risk of permanent or partial disability, risk of illness, business risk, job risk, etc.

Insurance comes in the form of a light-up in the extreme difficulty of risk uncertainty and problems. Protects the family from the financial risks of death, accidents or businesses through safety measures. At one time, the family members who had been able to enjoy their income were happy.

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